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hey guys
last friday I went to the cinema with my 2 BFF´S to watch justin bieber´s movie "never say never" I already told you that I DON´T like justin bieber, but I need to addmit that I liked the movie, it is about justin bieber´s life and how much he try to become famouse, but nobody want him, in the movie they show his concerts and what he do every day, it is cool to see how justin bieber have fun every day. As I told you last week I think that when you are about to enter to see the movie, they put you a kind of spell, cause after I watch the movie I think I began liking justin bieber!! can you believe it?? HELP ME!! I think im starting to have bieber fever!!
 what do you think about the movie?
 did you change your mind about justin bieber after you watch it?
do you like justin bieber or not?why?

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