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hey guys
I think you have already heard about justin bieber's movie "never say never". I should tell you that I DON´T like justin bieber, but I need to admit that I am a bit exited to go and see the movie. I think  it is about justin bieber's life, but im not sure. I don't know why but everyone that finish watching the movie, they end up being justin bieber's fans!! even if before they hate him, they end up actually liking him. why is it?? I think when they enter to the cinema they put on people a kind of spell.... I know it sounds impossible, but it can be true, there's no more logic explanition. I am not sure of watching that movie... what would happened if I end up with bieber fever??...................
Are you justin bieber fan??
what do you think about him??

here is the trailer of the movie:

3/28/2011 10:31:39 am

Well Mapau who knows if u will ended up with biever fever, but something that i am sure of is that at least you will not hate him anymore!haha soooo.. i think it will be cool to watch the movie with you!

maria paula
3/28/2011 10:57:50 am

vale i dont promise you anything, but I swear you I will try my best for not becoming a fan!! ;) hahahahaha
I agree it will be fun!
I cant wait :)

3/28/2011 12:10:41 pm

this movie is very good. i didnt like JB but know i at least dont hate him. i saw this twice and now im begining to like it.

gabriela j
3/29/2011 06:53:42 am

i yous dont like justin but i analoso exited to wacht the movie

maria paula
3/29/2011 08:13:29 am

yes I know, I think this movie is kind of special, because everybody that watch it beggin to like justin. I want to try it myself, so when I watch it I will tell you if it work on my and if I become a fan or I am still the same...


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