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hey guys
I just finish watching this amazing video and I really love it! it is about a jail in (philipinas) and all the people that are in that jail, are dancing a micheal jackson song! everybody!! there are 1.500 people dancing!! and they dance at the same time!! you need to watch the video until the end, so here it is.. I hope you enjoy it!
Do you like it??
do you have any cool video you will like to share? please put the URL so everyone can enjoy it

Nick H
03/24/2011 18:38

I remember when that was on the news after Michael Jackson had died. This video was one of the biggest things on YouTube for that week. I like the posts and the jokes that you have on the other page of your site. Great job.

maria paula
03/24/2011 19:14

thanks alot nick, im glad you like it, i know, this video is very cool!!, and if you want check out my blog each week for enjoining something new.. :)

gabriela j
03/29/2011 14:26

i love that video is WOW love it

maria paula
03/29/2011 15:14

yes I know its very cool!!


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