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Dork diaries #1 is my favourite book!! im a book lover and I am very strict with my books but I really like this book! it is very cool! have you ever read diary of a wimpy kid? did you like it? this book is the same but instead of being a boy the principle character, it is a girl, so it is the life of an inpopular girl named nikki that goes to a privite school, because his dad's company gave her a scholarship for studing in a private school, and like any normal person she have an enemy that makes nikki's life impossible, nikki have 2 best friends nd one secret crush, it is a book full of adventures and very funny things and very funny drawings. You will never get bored, it have 275 pages and I finish it in 4 days. If you love to read books, you will love this book. I hope if you buy it you enjoy it as I did.
what is the name of your favourite book? why did you like it?
Daniela Z
3/6/2011 11:22:44 pm

Mapau, your blog is really cool with a lot of creativity personality and fun. Is just like you!


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