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hey guys
I think you have already heard about justin bieber's movie "never say never". I should tell you that I DON´T like justin bieber, but I need to admit that I am a bit exited to go and see the movie. I think  it is about justin bieber's life, but im not sure. I don't know why but everyone that finish watching the movie, they end up being justin bieber's fans!! even if before they hate him, they end up actually liking him. why is it?? I think when they enter to the cinema they put on people a kind of spell.... I know it sounds impossible, but it can be true, there's no more logic explanition. I am not sure of watching that movie... what would happened if I end up with bieber fever??...................
Are you justin bieber fan??
what do you think about him??

here is the trailer of the movie:

hey guys
I loved this movie, I watch it in my birthday party,  it is very funny and at the same time is an action movie, is very cool and I recomed it to see it, but is recomeded for 11 years old and up. It is played by Tom Cruise and Cameron diaz. Here is the trailer I think you will love it. 
oh my god is now my second time of watching charlie st cloud!1 have you seen it?? its very cool! but is very sad :( i think it's beautiful, its a story that can happen in the real life, i think you should see it. here is the trailer so you can see what is it about.
what have been the movie that had made you cry the most? what's your favourite movie?