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this video is very funny, I dont want to insult anybody, it is just very funny, hope you like it ;)
hey guys
yesterday I went to the cinema and watch "Rio". it is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.... I was laughing so hard I almos cried. It was about a bird who cant fly and goes to Rio de janeiro and get kidnapped with a bird of hes same specie. it is about all the adventures he pas through to finally discover his wild side inside him.
 I really like it. If you havent seen it yet tell your parents or your friends to take you and watch it. I know it is a animated movie, but it is great!! I swear you.
 Yesterday all the people who were in the cinema, they were laughing so hard, they cried!!.
If you want to see, what is the movie about, here is the trailer:

hey guys
I heard this song few days ago and let me tell you... I love it! is beautifull.. it is very sad, it is from miley cyrus, she sing it with emily osment.... it is also from a hannah montana forever episode, and I cried with this song, I hope you enjoy it....
What do you think about this song?
hey guys
yesterday I was watching videos with a friend and I watch a beautiful song, is from miley cyrus, it is very sad, she sing it when she take off her wig in a hannah montana forever episode. When I heard it I almost cry, it is great!, here it is:
What do you think about this song?
how did you feel?
hey guys,
do you love your friends??
I love my friends, and I love this song,
it is about the graduation, this song is beautifull!
I think after you hear this song you will love even more your friends!!
P.D: the song is in spanish...
hey guys
last friday I went to the cinema with my 2 BFF´S to watch justin bieber´s movie "never say never" I already told you that I DON´T like justin bieber, but I need to addmit that I liked the movie, it is about justin bieber´s life and how much he try to become famouse, but nobody want him, in the movie they show his concerts and what he do every day, it is cool to see how justin bieber have fun every day. As I told you last week I think that when you are about to enter to see the movie, they put you a kind of spell, cause after I watch the movie I think I began liking justin bieber!! can you believe it?? HELP ME!! I think im starting to have bieber fever!!
 what do you think about the movie?
 did you change your mind about justin bieber after you watch it?
do you like justin bieber or not?why?




Hey guys
Yesterday in spanish class we need to meke a power point presentation about any poem we did like to choose, here is mine, i didnt made it, but I made the presentation, I hope you enjoy it, the poem is in spanish, so if you want you can put it in google translator, so here it is:
hey guys
I think you have already heard about justin bieber's movie "never say never". I should tell you that I DON´T like justin bieber, but I need to admit that I am a bit exited to go and see the movie. I think  it is about justin bieber's life, but im not sure. I don't know why but everyone that finish watching the movie, they end up being justin bieber's fans!! even if before they hate him, they end up actually liking him. why is it?? I think when they enter to the cinema they put on people a kind of spell.... I know it sounds impossible, but it can be true, there's no more logic explanition. I am not sure of watching that movie... what would happened if I end up with bieber fever??...................
Are you justin bieber fan??
what do you think about him??

here is the trailer of the movie: