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Facebook was created by a man called Mark Zuckerberg in 2003. But when facebook was created in 2003 it was not called facebook, it was called facemash and it was only a webpage for hardvard students, he creat it so harvard students can socialies, discuss about homeworks and know each one better. But then they made mark delete that webpage cause he haked the protected areas of hardvards computer network. Months after mark open another website called "", then he opened that page for hardvards students and almost all the universities in united states and canada. Months later he opened ""  in cambridge, massachute (2004). Facebook have 600 million members from 2004 until now. Facebook have won 800 million dolars. Many people began to use facebook and begin telling their friends and their friends told their friends, and..... and that was how facebook begin to grow.

In facebook users can creat profiles with photos, videos, personal interest, contact informaition, more personal things, games, videos, music, chat, etc. when you write something in facebook and want to publish it you press the botton "share" so that all of your friends can see it. when you want to comment something on someones profile or in a post you just need to press the botton comment, you write the comment and then you just put publish. facebook is a social network that is free, is a page in where you can chat with your friends, put information, comment, watch videos, hear music, play games, etc.

Businesses use facebook to make advertisment, put videos, pictures and information. they convince people by showing them pictures and by making them low prices.

Facebook is not the only social network, there is one very famouse that is called twitter, twitter is a social network where you can follow people, comment on their page and see what famouse people are doing. but they made a research and they found that twitter only have the 40% of members compare to facebook, this shows that facebook is more useful than twitter, sometimes in twitter you write something aand it appears in you facebook profile with a link. Sometimes in facebook there are youtube videos that you can watch and then if you like it you can press a link and it would take you directly to youtube.

Positive things about facebook: you can see pictures and videos of your friends, you can meet and chat with your friends or new people, you can coment on your friends profile, you can know each one better, you  can upload pictures and videos of yourself, etc. Negative things: many people become addict to it, some people put inapropiated pictures, videos and comments, people can know your personal information and it can be dangerouse, people may put things that hurts others, can insult people and can do cyber bullyng.

Facebook have replaced twitter, myspace, games pages, books, tv news, newspapers, etc.

Before facebook was created people used to play games outside, used to call by telephone, etc. but when facebook was created  it was easier to communicate with people that live in another cities or countries, you can meet new people, some people became addicted to facebook and they didnt want to sign out, kids older than 10 years didnt want to play outside games anymore. Before people only can chat with people that had msn but now in facebook you can chat with anyone you want without having to put their email.

So in conclusion all this means that in the future it will be very easy to stay in contact with someone who live in another country, people will not need to go and visit someone they can just visit it virtually, maybe in the future you dont need to go to school you just do virtual classes,etc. all this means that technology has advanced in the past few years and all this made me think about " if technology has advance so much in the past feww years, how will it be in the future....?"